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Some reactions to Tunnel Vision:


Once again you have rescued the ordinary and delivered a triumph.
A lifeless passageway is now an astonishing portico.
The iridescent images compel us to not turn away.
Artistic simplicity is truly a form of magic.
One of the grand missions of art is to bring purpose to public spaces.
You have given us all a visual annuity.

My sincere congratulations.


Hard to believe that I just yesterday saw your installation in Westport for the first time. 
Wow!  Just had to tell you how amazing I think it is.  What a huge project and what
a successful one.  Beautifully executed and very touching. I'm sure you've gotten
a lot of kudos but just want to add my name to the list.  Wonderful work!

I just had to write and tell you how moved I was by the tunnel installation, and that was even
before I saw Anita Schorr showing her number tattoo in person in front of the lenticular.
I saw people coming out of the tunnel in tears as I was headed in, and now I understand why.
It is a beautiful statement of our humanity, and evocative of so many different emotions as
you proceed through it. I look forward to going back when it is less crowded, but am so glad
I was there to experience the reveal. It was a memorable Westport happening. Thank you!

Your installation is multi- layered and each layer explored is moving and relevant


These images are amazing! And to think we have these works of art right on
Main Street in Westport to view at our leisure, truly remarkable…
The website shares the story with each lenticular image created by Miggs Burroughs "


I finally had the opportunity to see your incredible installation. It's perfect for the space,
which has always been a grim passageway that people seemed to hurry through.
You have definitely slowed them down and made them think by presenting  moving
(literally and figuratively!) images of human connectivity, compassion and vulnerability.
It's a poetic tribute to what unites us all.....bravo!

You are the most amazing and creative community person - and leader - ever! 
I am awed at what you did to The Downtown Creepy Tunnel


Finally got a chance to get to the tunnel to see your creative energy. A really moving, inspirational and beautiful addition to our town. With the white walls as a backdrop, and the hands moving in so many interesting ways you have really created a wonderful and thought-provoking space.  It was such a dingy sort of dark and foreboding place; sort of like walking into a subway tunnel but now it is bright and alive with something to contemplate as you move through the space. Hope you feel good about what you have created.

What a great project and contribution you have made to the town and energy of Main Street.
I can't wait to learn about and hear the stories behind the beautiful photographs!


I'm 3000 miles away but this looks just awesome, Miggs. Westport is, after all, an artists community at its core and I'm so glad you kept that spirit alive. That tunnel always felt like an unloved, poorly graffitied necessity whose ONLY function was to get us from our jalopies - in my case a $400 mail truck with no reverse gear - to a Main Street bustling with colorful stores like The African Room, Liverpool Shop, Silk, The Music Room, and The Remarkable Bookstore.
All looking like mini art studios in my mind's eye (although my mind had
"augmented eyes" fairly often back then  I can't wait to see it "live".

Great night!  So proud of you!  Your art looked absolutely fantastic and amazing!


The exhibition is brilliant and captivating, poignant and sensitive and at the same time entertaining and engaging.  In the time I was there, there was not a person who
walked through the tunnel without stopping and carefully examining the work.


There was an older couple who looked like they might want to own a piece...
they kept going from image to image discussing which one was their favorite
and settled on the one with the charm about being the ' change.'


It was thrilling to watch peoples reactions and to know that the work will be permanently
on display and enduring. You've done a beautiful installation and added a wonderful
and uplifting experience for the town and everyone who passes through.

I'm not in the habit of either being social or sending emails but, in your case - your work
just blew me away both emotionally and intellectually.  You are something.

Thanks for making the tunnel a work of art and for all you to
do to make Westport more beautiful and welcoming!!!


I visited the Downtown Westport Connecticut Tunnel to see Miggs Burroughs
fantastic lenticular photography. These beautiful pieces moved me.
Bravo and Congratulations. Fantastic. You gotta see it!"


You did a great job Miggs.

The imagery was beautiful and heart felt. Congratulations!


Tunnel Vision is Fabulous and transformative!!!!!!!


Congratulations! What a fantastic contribution to Downtown!"


A fantastic concept and the perfect art application for that space!


TUNNEL VISION will give your "arcade" A life of it's own.
Importance of community "great"art in public places is
an awakening for most people. CONGRATULATIONS!

© 2014 by Westport Downtown Merchants Association & Miggs Burroughs

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