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The tunnel in 2013 with First Night mural in place

Dewey from Scott Rochlin's crew, removing mural

The lovely Dr. Ingi Soliman volunteered to store the mural at her house

Miggs B and Rick Yarmy with tunnel model at Win Properties, Inc.

Banner announcing Tunnel Vision with TV logo

Miggs B taking photos of Joe and Florence Romano's hands (Purple Heart)

Spaces have been carved in walls to accommodate the 16 lightboxes

Marina Stark at Duggal in New York checking image in lightbox

Jason Rothschild of Alison Group in Florida, who fabricated lightboxes

Lightboxes, still in their own boxes, stacked up in Miggs B's house

Dewey installing lighboxes into the walls

Putting finishing touches on installed lighboxes

Kathie Bennewitz (pictured), along with Liz Beeby and Nate Gibbons
installing iimages only hours before the unveiling. What a team!

Miggs B waiting for the big moment.

The big moment arrives. Click here for reactions.

© 2014 by Westport Downtown Merchants Association & Miggs Burroughs

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