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A year in the making, Tunnel Vision is the most ambitious and rewarding art project of my career. It is an honor and privilege to have been asked to transform this unique public space in Westport, from a practical passageway into a highly immersive and meaningful experience for tunnel-travellers of
all ages and persuasions.
Miggs Burroughs


Hey, it's all about the journey!


A huge thank you to the Westport Downtown Merchants Association, WIN Properties, and to all the wonderful couples whose expressive hands make Tunnel Vision the heartfelt experience I had envisioned.


Thanks to John Videler for capturing the festivites and and all the great people who came out for Art About Town and the Tunnel Vision unveiling. Take note Westport, the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be YOU!


Click here for photos by Carmine Picarello


Click here for video tour of tunnel

 TunnelVision has been restored. Thanks to all who donated!

© 2014 by Westport Downtown Merchants Association & Miggs Burroughs

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